Android | App2Track closes itself automatically. How do I fix this?

Annoying that App2Track is closing itself! If this problem occurs, try restarting your Android device.
Open App2Track again and check if it works as expected. Does this not help? Then read on. 

The app may shut down for several reasons:

  • There is not enough storage space on the phone.
  • No permission has been given for data storage.

In addition, a built-in "task killer" may be active on the device. This killer closes App2Track automatically. The "task killer" is pre-programmed on a limited number of Android devices. In this article [reference] you will find information on how to disable the "task killer".

The guide below tells you how to empty the "cache," creating more space, and how to give the device permission for data storage.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your mobile phone.

Step 2. Click on Apps.

Step 3. Choose App2Track.

Step 4. Click on Permissions.

Step 5. Go to Files and media.

Step 6. Choose Allow access to media only.

Step 7. Go back to Apps - App2Track (step 3). Choose Storage.

Step 8. Choose Clear cache. 

Is App2Track still closing itself? If so, please contact App2Track's support department.
We can be reached by email




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