Can an unsent order be resent?

Sometimes, it can happen that an order was not successfully sent to the ERP. In some cases, it is possible to resend the order. Follow the steps below to do so:

1. Go to the CMS.
2. Click on Orders > Manage orders
3. Locate the specific order, which you can identify by the red exclamation mark.

4. Click on the order line and try to resend the order by clicking the blue Resubmit Order button. The blue buttons are located at the bottom of the order.

Sometimes an order is not sent due to inactive items within the order. In this case, the inactive items will be highlighted in red on the order, and you can follow these steps:

Choose Copy without missing items and select Resubmit Order. This action will remove the inactive items from the order, allowing the order to be successfully sent.

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