I would like to use the dropshipment feature. How can I set this up?

With dropshipment, or direct delivery, your customers have the ability to place orders for their end customer and provide an alternative delivery address, which speeds up the delivery process for the end customer.

To use dropshipment functionality, enable the following settings in the CMS (Portal4Sales > Settings > Order tab)

1. Set Direct Delivery to 'Enabled.'
2. Select the countries for which this functionality should be available.

Or enable it at the customer level. Then select 'Enabled for selected customers' in step 1. Here, the countries of these customers, see step 2, should also be active.

3. Ensure that Enter contact info setting is enabled. (Portal4Sales > Settings > Order)
4. Also activate the Enable manual delivery address setting.
5. Specify which information is mandatory to enter in the "Mandatory Fields for drop shipment" section.

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