How to display multiple images per item?

In the standard configuration of the connection between the ERP and the CMS, one image per item is usually displayed. By linking an FTP server, we offer the possibility of displaying multiple images per item. Follow the steps below to successfully link the images to your items.

Linking the FTP server to the App4Sales CMS

1. Go to Administration > Settings > FTP server for external data tab in the CMS.
2. Fill in the following details:
- Host name
- Username
- Password
- Pictures directory: this specifies the location of the folder on the FTP server where the images are stored.

Uploading images to the FTP server

1. Note that connecting to an FTP server is not done through the CMS but via an FTP client. An FTP client is a program that allows you to transfer files between your computer and the FTP server. For this purpose, you can download a free tool like FileZilla.
2. Make sure the images you want to link to the items have the file type JPG.
3. Each image's name should match to the item code. For example, if the item code is "BLSE-ELG-300," the image name should be "BLSE-ELG-300.jpg."
4. If there are multiple images for the same item, add an underscore and a sequence number to the image name. For example, "BLSE-ELG-300_2.jpg", "BLSE-ELG-300_3.jpg", and so on.

Start a synchronisation

1. In the CMS, go to Administration > Settings.
2. Click the blue arrows next to Synchronize pictures from ftp to start a synchronisation. This process links the images from the FTP server to the items in the CMS.

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