How do I create a matrix?

The matrix is a tool that allows you to display items in different variants and sizes in a structured way. To automatically display items in a matrix, a matrix logic must be created in the App4Sales CMS via Items > Item matrix.

Important elements for building the matrix:
1. Horizontal value, usually the dimensions.
2. Vertical value, e.g. colour.
3. Catalog Name, this determines which items are shown together in the matrix.

We can extract the information from an extra field (freeitemfields), part of the item code (Itemcode), part of the item description (description) or an assortment/product group (itemclass). A combination is also possible.

In the example below, we use the information from the item description.

Example item: Elegant Women's Blouse


Navy Blue
Soft Pink
Classic White

Available sizes:

Extra Large

Adding a separator to the item description creates three positions.

Elegant blouse - Navy Blue - Small
Elegant blouse - Navy Blue - Medium
Elegant blouse - Navy Blue - Large
Elegant blouse - Navy Blue - Extra Large

Elegant blouse - Classic White - Small
Elegant blouse - Classic White - Medium
Elegant blouse - Classic White - Large
Elegant blouse - Classic White - Extra Large

Based on these positions, the matrix can be constructed. It is essential to ensure that for all items to be included in the matrix, the size (horizontal axis) is always at position 2 (counting from 0). The catalog name is then at position 0 and the colour (vertical axis) is at position 1.

If you use a hyphen (-) as a separator, this may not appear in other (non-matrix) product descriptions. We then recommend using another separator, such as a vertical dash (|).

If we translate the above into a matrix logic, it comes out as follows:

Then activate the Matrix logic setting via Administration > Settings > Heading Synchronization settings.

Start an item synchronisation to place items in the matrix.

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