How do I limit the visibility of specific items to certain customers?

Sometimes you want to grant certain customers access to a selection of products, while hiding others from them. By linking an item filter to the customer, you can achieve this.

1. Go to Customers > Manage customers in the CMS.
2. Use the search bar in the top right to search by customer code or name.
3. Click the customer's line to open their customer details.
4. Use the dropdown menu under the 'Item Filters' heading and choose the appropriate assortment.
5. Click the green plus button to link the filter to the customer, and then Save Filter to save the settings.

When the customer logs into the Portal, only the items from the linked assortment will be visible. It is possible to link multiple filter rules. Please note that combining filters from multiple main groups will affect the filter's functionality.

Functionality of the filters

If you have linked filters that all belong to the same main category, for example 'Product group,' it functions as an "OR" filter. This means that the product will be shown if it belongs to any of the selected product groups.

When you add a filter from a different main category, like 'Material,' it becomes an "AND" filter. In this case, the item must belong to both one of the selected product groups 'Product group' and the 'Material' category to be displayed. If this is not the case, the item will not be displayed. For an example, check the image below.

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