Why is there no VAT amount displayed on the order?

When VAT has to be charged for items, it is important that the customer is VAT liable. Follow the steps below to verify this and adjust if necessary.

1. Check the customer details
In the CMS, navigate to Customers > Manage customers and click the customer's row. In the customer details, check whether there is a green checkmark behind VAT liable. If a red cross is visible, this indicates that the customer is not liable for VAT.

2. Check settings
If the customer should be VAT liable according to Exact Online, but is not in the CMS, check the settings below via Administration > Settings > Connector settings tab.
o Vat Liable Code
o Not Vat Liable Code
o Not Vat Liable Code Outside EU

3. Make the change
Take the corresponding code from Exact Online and enter it in the relevant setting and save the change.

4. Start customer synchronisation
Start a customer synchronisation from the CMS so that the customer data is updated.

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