How can I delete an item?

When working with the stand-alone XLSX connector, the item file (items.xlsx) serves as the source. The items listed in it are shown in the CMS and in the app or webshop. Follow the steps below to delete items.

1. First, export the current item file in the CMS via Administration > Import/Export > select the Exporting tab.
2. Click the blue Export button behind Items.
3. Open the file, located in the download folder on your own PC.
4. The first tab shows the ItemEnabled column. For items that must remain visible, the technical value here is True. Change this to False if the item should no longer be visible in the CMS.
5. Save the changes and import the file.

Lampje.svgPlease note, if you want to delete more than 50% of the total item file, please contact support. Due to built-in security, it is not possible to perform this delete action yourself.

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